“The Biggest Little Farm”

“The Biggest Little Farm” is a documentary film about a 10-year project to bring life back to a beaten-down ranch and orchard in Moorpark.

“The Biggest Little Farm” documentary will screen at the Alcazar Theatre on Sunday, Aug. 11, at 3p.m. Tickets cost $7. The film follows two dreamers and a dog on an odyssey to bring harmony to both their lives and the land. When the barking of their beloved dog Todd leads to an eviction from their tiny Los Angeles apartment, John and Molly Chester make a choice that takes them out of the city and onto 200 acres in Moorpark, as they acquire and establish Apricot Lane Farms.

Naively endeavoring to build one of the most diverse farms of its kind in complete coexistence with nature, the land they have chosen is utterly depleted of nutrients and suffering from a brutal drought. The film chronicles eight years of daunting work and outsized idealism as they attempt to create the utopia they seek, planting 10,000 orchard trees and over 200 different crops, and bringing in animals of every kind—including an unforgettable pig named Emma and her best friend, Greasy the rooster.

When the farm's ecosystem finally begins to reawaken, so does the Chesters’ hope. But as their plan to create perfect harmony takes a series of wild turns, they realize that they will have to reach a far greater understanding of the intricacies and wisdom of nature—and of life itself.

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