Highlighting some of Carpinteria’s talented artists, the Carpinteria Arts Center celebrated the release of “Small Town Big Art,” a book spearheaded by Carpinteria’s David Powdrell, this past weekend. 

The hardcover, 212-page book centers on 100 Carpinteria artists. Powdrell, who said he “woke up in the middle of the night” over a year ago with the idea for the book, called the book a “win, win, win” for Carpinteria. The weekend event gave major donors a first look at the release of the book and a chance to raise more money for the arts center. 

“I’m a crybaby, and I cried (at the celebration.) It was more than I expected, the book was more than I expected, the people who were involved behind the book were more than I anticipated – the event was spectacular,” he said. 

“With a population of 14,000 people (in Carpinteria), I’m convinced there are 14,000 artists,” Powdrell said. 

So far, the book has brought in a little under $45,000, Arts Center Executive Director Linda Rosso confirmed; all the proceeds will go back to the arts center. 

“This was (Powdrell’s) baby,” Rosso said. “It was great to hear (the artists’) perspective on things, and show appreciation to David and his crew for organizing and implementing such an overwhelming project.” 

Rosso praised the book, calling it “beautiful” and “really something special.”

“It was a celebration, not just because of the artists, but because Carpinteria was recognized as an artist community. This community is so war, so giving – it showed (this weekend). People were happy,” she added. 

Powdrell said the center printed 1,200 copies of the book, and that they’ve pre-sold 300 so far. The book costs $50. To purchase a copy, which will be available in mid-November, visit carpinteriaartscenter.org. Once the copies are released, Powdrell said the center will hold an autograph signing for the book’s artists. 


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