The cast of LOL

The cast of LOL takes its curtain call at the Alcazar Theatre. In front is Amy Marie Orozco; in back, from left, are Cecilia Geston, Hannah Gonzalez, Sarah Weitzman, Isabelle Marchan, Cynthia Crewdson, Tom Mueller, Isla Jaynes Crooke, Hal Price, Philip Moreno, Van Riker, Deborah Cristobal, Kymberlee Weil and Frankie Hall.

In its first annual summer comedy series, the Alcazar Theatre Ensemble premiered LOL – a comedic performance in eight acts, each a distinct play. The show brought many Carpinteria’s players back to the stage who hadn’t performed live since the start of the pandemic. 

Åsa Olsson, who directed two of the short plays, said that being back at the theater gave her goosebumps. She said it is fun and rewarding to work with the LOL players, who she called “a diverse group of actors.” Olsson, who is on the Alcazar Board of Directors, also mentioned the theater’s new green room that the cast members enjoyed. Actor Hal Price added that he was “so excited the theater is back and we can do this safe and sound.”

“There’s no feeling like that (being back on stage),” said actor Sarah Weitzman, “Especially (performing) in front of people you know. The production has been a lot of fun — to be in it and to watch the different ones. They’re all so different.” Weitzman has performed in past Alcazar productions of “A Christmas Carol,” among others.

The show had several players familiar with the Alcazar stage, including Isabelle Marchan, who along with studying computer science at UCLA, is a promising actor. Marchan had not been on stage since the Covid-19 pandemic began and said that it was “really awesome to be back, and interesting to go back into the theater after over a year or so.”

One of the youngest LOL actors is Howard School fourth grader Isla Jaynes Crooke, who is no stranger to the spotlight. Crooke has had standout roles in school performances at the Alcazar over the years. 

“The Alcazar is really fun, and I enjoy being here,” she said.  

But, for some, the new comedy series was an opportunity to perform on stage for the first time or after a long hiatus. For actor Cynthia Crewdson, LOL brought her back to the stage after many years. 

“It’s been a mind-blowing experience. I haven’t been on the stage since high school,” she said. 

The show, which featured plays directed by Åsa Olsson, Philip Moreno and Tom Mueller held its final performance on Sept. 12. 

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